Brief History

The philosophy of powdered foods is to create a delicious meal, in a short time, using easy methods, applying natural ingredients, We work around these features, combining manufacture of the best quality ingredients, together with modern technology, in a healthy environment, to present Noon brand powdered foods variety, in addition to our low calorie selection specially produced for diet and diabetics.

Noon products compete with local and international brands, only to enter the Arabic household, adding our easy to prepare products to its Arab Food Industries Company Ltd- Jordan was established in 1982. All products are under license from Noon Foods Ltd – England, which provides, with its experience in the Middle East for over 30 years, quality control, market research, machinery and raw material supply. All to arrive at Noon prepared Foods.

On January 27th 1999, Arab Food Industries Co. Ltd. (NOON) received the ISO 9002 certificate for manufacturing of powdered foods and dry roasted peanuts.

On November 3rd 1999, Arab Food Industries Co. Ltd. (NOON) received the HACCP Certificate for the manufacturing of Powdered Foods and Dry Roasted Peanuts. In accordance with the World Health Organization standards.

In the millennium, Arab Food Industries Co. Ltd. (NOON) enters a new episode of product development by expanding its R&D together with the latest range of technology in packaging machinery, thus acquiring its place on the international standard food industry map.